Ginsen Calendar 2013 銀泉カレンダー2013



I illustrated for Ginsen corporation's calendar of 2013.
Ginsen corporation is an insurance company.
The theme was 'Family' so I illustrated warm, cute animals' family. :)
My illustration was picked up for the calendar as it's 'so cute and warm', the designer who was in charge of me said.  

1万部印刷して配られるそうです。 会社の机や家においてもらって、カレンダーを見る時にほっと和んでもらえたらうれしいです。

I hope lots of people of all ages will see and enjoy my illustrations all through the year.
They said 10,000 of the calendars will be printed and distributed to the staffs and their customers. 
If people feel happiness from my works, that is happiest moment for me. Their happiness make me happy. :)
My profile, which I drew my sweet Hana with me is put on the last as well. :)




I really have to say huge thank you to Miwacchi!
Thank you so much for setting up everything since this project got started last summer.
Actually Miwacchi, the fast designer who was in charge of me is my old friend. We studied at the same high school. (also same class!)
She's been in Tokyo after she entered the university and became a great designer now. We used to chat that it would be great if we could work together and create something wonderful in the future.
And the 'future' has come in such a nice way! And our dream came true! :)
Now this is not a dream any more, I hope we can create something wonderful & beautiful from now on as well!