Things caught my heart

When I take a walk around my house lots of flowers are blooming, greens look like they are really enjoying coming season.
They set me off from my busy days, tiny fears and let me know what is worth in my life through their fragile but tough lives. 
Those catch my eyes, my heart as well, it's hard to take my eyes off of them. :) 
I think I'm going to draw those beautiful things that I found in daily life.
This could be my life work as the world is full of beautiful things.

Today I drew evening primrose that I found near by my house. They have so delicate petals which look like real pieces of the moon. Actually they bloom from early evening through the night and the Japanese name is 'Tsukimi-so' means 'moon viewing flower'.
How romantic, isn't it? They seem to wait to see the moon just like waiting for seeing someone they love.