A parcel from uk



 Today I just received a parcel which was full of wonderful things from the uk.
Actually it was from my bf and the box was full of sweets I loved when I was there.



It reminded me of my days there when I read a letter full of sweet words from him and felt a bit sad because of the long distance between Japan and uk. I really appreciate and I'm so happy to have someone who is considering me even if we are far apart. Thanks to the advance of technology we can chat anytime seeing face each other through the internet like skype even if we're on the other side of the world though I sometimes much prefer analog things like this which still takes time to receive like to mail hand written letters because it gives a lingering gentle feeling to the bottom of my heart.



What I was glad for most was this! Border's short bread that I bought in local supermarket so often. This is thick rich cookie with dried strawberry and super tasty!(yet reasonable!) I used to have some stock always at home. :)


It definitely tastes much better than classy shortbreads that I found in venerable department store. Please try if you have any chance. Highly recommended!