Tokiwa daigaku



The new project 'Tokiwa Daigaku' just started in the middle of the town.
This is a project to have lectures or workshops by active people who are famous or popular in a variety of fields like real university. The first 'class' was a lecture of an architect, Tadashi Saito. He's a leader of the project 'ZENKON-Yu' which is to send ready-to-assenble Japanese bath to the desaster area in Tohoku.

He's doing this as volunteer from raising money from public to bring the bath to build it. He talked how was the places. When they visited there first the people there was not very friendly and  there was a chill in the air.  But when they saw the finished bath they gave him big, big thanks in tears.
He couldn't stop himself to do something for Tohoku so he just did it and this project succeeded thanks to the people who accepted him there he said.
He also said he thought if he should quit architecture because the buildings which should be 'home' and should protect people's 'life' became murder weapon because of the earth quake.
What I was touched most was his words 'I wouldn't make it without friends'. When he talked about this plan to his friends, all of them agreed and said 'Yes, let's do that!'. By chance there were 11 main staffs in the team and it was the same situation as a popular anime 'Thunder 11' so they were listening to the theme song on the way to Tohoku putting the 'brave mates' story on their minds. (Actually I think they are real Thunder 11!)
It was a really fruitful time not only to know their wonderful activity but also Mr. Saito's warm personality and his great passion beyond just the 'volunteer work'.
Thank you so much Saito-san! I was so touched and inspired a lot. I'm already looking forward to his second class! :)