Boarding to London-Trip to the UK

Let's go to London! I chose SAS this time which I had to transit in Copenhagen. I have a friend in Denmark and I have been really interested in Scandinavia so I wanted to see one of these countries in this chance. I had about 3 hours to transit, unfortunately it was to short to see my friend but I explored in the airport a lot. Copenhagen airport was really nice atmosphere, the floor was made of wood, and something like bench and cart are designed by famous designer. I loved the warm atmosphere very much. Also as it was just before Christmas, I could see lots of beautiful decorations for Christmas especially owls which is a symbol of happiness in Europe. :>

On the plane, light meal service. I had beer. The snack was cheese cracker. I'm already excited like a kid on the first field trip. :)


A girl who was similar age of me sitting next to me. She was also traveling by herself before her marriage. We talked a lot about ourselves and sometimes got excited together by the beautiful sky. We also have tea in Copenhagen airport. This kind of thing is very fun during travel. Thank you so much for the nice time!


The view from the window was spectacular! Japanese sea, Eurasia continent, Scandinavia continent... each continent has unique shape of landform. Snow mountains, steep mountains, endless plain, huge lakes, channels, rivers like a net, fjord, sky, horizon... I was never tired of seeing them. The breathtaking beautifulness of the earth didn't let me sleep during the flight. 



Oh and, this is the most important event for me, meal service! I like this lunch-box style meal. :9 It was more Japanese style than I expected. They served some sushi, rice balls and I chose chicken which was cooked in soy source flavor and the dessert was green tea cake. I enjoyed it a lot!


During the meal service, CA came to us with a basket full of warmed bread. That's very nice service I think. They had some kinds and I chose thin one like a cracker. It was good with butter. :)


How beautiful our earth is.



I was seeing the view with a map. Especially the landform of cold countries that Japan never has were interesting for me.

The time passed quickly while I was enjoying seeing the view, supper time came. We had choices of cheese and ham and I chose ham. And it was reindeer ham! We don't have reindeer meat in Japan, it was very unusual for me. It tastes a bit strong but I enjoyed it anyway (so it's okay!). I was so excited about everything. My first long journey has begun like this way. :)

写真はこちらです!photos: please click here!