Trip to the UK


Hi friends, long time no see. First, I'm sorry I didn't post for a long time. Now I'm writing this in the UK. Yes, my dream came true at last!! By a series of happy accidents I could visit UK! :D To visit and live in foreign country had been my dream since I was very little. I'm so happy and really enjoying staying here. Everything is so attractive to me even local supermarket. I'm staying in a small town in south west London where we can see the Thames and London city from the hill. Also there is a huge national park here and I could see squirrels, deers and foxes. I love this calm and beautiful town full of nature. :)

What I was surprised most about London was the greatness. Especially a diversity of races which I've never experienced in Japan. London is a melting pot of culture. Many kinds of languages not only English come into my ears. Sometimes I even forget I was Japanese. But at the same time, I do notice and reconfirm myself that I am Japanese. It sounds contradict though I had this curious feeling seems like pride that I've never had. 

Actually I'm staying here for about 3 months. It seems long, but it's too short for me I'm sure. If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up. I draw and write about what I saw, what I felt during my staying here. My thought may be one-sided or the posts would be just a scrap of my memories though I hope you'll enjoy this very special trip with me. Thank you! :)