When you go to sleep


What are you wearing when you go to bed? Yes, we wear pyjamas, usually. I also like to wear something like old t-shirt because it fits my body and very comfy. Maybe because of that I don't really mind if the top and bottom are not same ones. I even have my favourite combination. ;) But in this season because it's getting cold it may cause a problem if I chose different ones like summer short pants and winter top. I sometimes have to change it later. So please be careful when you choose them even if it looks still nice for you to get comfortable bed time...


My palace


To have my own studio had been my dream. My dream is coming true. I found nice place and I could rent it at last! It was very old apartment though location is very good and wide enough to create works. I wanted to have another place as my studio (because I can't resist attractions of blanket if it's with me!). Cleaning and some renovation were needed but almost finished finally. Also the landload is very understanding, he offered me reasonable house rent because I'm an artist. How nice! I'm so happy and can't wait to bring furnitures and art tools to my palace. :) I really appreciate everyone who helped me! Thank you so much!


Drawing hands


I like to draw hands. I also like to watch it. When they touch something, put something, any little motion tells us how they are like.


Fragrance wreathe


It would be wonderful if I could wreathe with fragrance olive. I imagined it whilst I was drawing that my hair catches the sweet smell and I was sure I won't want to shampoo on the day. :)


Scents of autumn


It was raining all day today. When I opened the door in the morning the air was filled with sweet scents of fragrance olive. Rain makes it even stronger. It really makes me notice autumn's arrival.


New blog


Hello world. I renewed and restart my new blog here. I'm still in busy mood but hopefully I can post something everyday even short like my little diary. I want to draw and write like sowing seeds of flowers. I hope my tiny words and illustrations will bloom somewhere someday, and make people who saw it smile. :)